Unique First Date Ideas in Singapore – 10 Suggestions That Will Guarantee You A Second Date

By Zyane Tan , 02 Nov 2016

So you have managed to snag yourself a date, but has no idea what to do, or where to go? Singapore may be tiny, but our bustling little country offers a plethora of activities you can do to strike a lasting impression! Here are 10 unique and undoubtedly fun first date ideas in Singapore:

1. Check out a hipster Art & Music festival

Image of Gillman Barracks at night

There is something incredibly mesmerising about immersing yourselves in indie music, breathing art and meandering through crowded streets together. We are not talking about huge music fests like Laneway, but something along the lines of Singapore Night Festival and Art After Dark @ Gillman Barracks. There are ample opportunities to talk with each other, to see things from another person’s perspective, to people watch, to occasionally brush your arms onto each other, to be in a safe environment with others around.

How fun would it be to simply wander around, discover new music and indulge in delectable takeout from pop-up food stalls! So launch your Facebook app, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming events and set your date!

Upcoming Events 

Amoy St Bloc Party

Happening at Amoy Street on 20th November, 3pm to 10pm (Google Maps


2. Visit a Cat Café for a purrfect date

Image of Cat Cafe

Cliché, but it works. Unless your date doesn’t fancy cute fluffy cats. If that’s the case, skip to the next date idea. Compassion is attractive. So bringing your date to a cat café and watching how they behave with small animals is a great way to peer into their character or discovering their softer side. So set up a date for some cuddling, with cats!

Public Service Announcement: Avoid wearing heavily textured clothing unless you want to end up looking like a lint roller.

Recommended Cat Cafes 

Neko No Niwa

Opening hours: Mon, Wed to Fri: 11am to 10pm, Sat & Sun: 10am to 10pm (Google Maps

The Cat Café

Opening hours: Tues to Sun: 10am to 10pm, Mon: 3pm to 10pm (Google Maps


3. Watch a cult film at The Projector

Image of the projector

There is nothing more nostalgic than catching one of the many specially curated films at The Projector, a revamped vintage cinema hidden on the top of Golden Mile Tower. Screening a wide array of indie, foreign, classics, arthouse, retrospectives and many other award-winning films, catching a movie at The Projector is bound to initiate some deep conversations between you both.  Also, try to catch a film at the cinema’s Redrum (one of the two rooms available) because sprawling all over the beanbags is just so irresistible. Alternatively, perching on creaky old school seats on steep steps is an equally charming experience! If you need somewhere to lepak after the film, there is nowhere cooler than the building’s very own retro-style carpark bar, The Great Escape

Address: 6001 Beach Road, #05-00, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589 (Google Maps


4. Fly a night-kite at Marina Barrage

Can it be any more romantic than spending a date night reliving childhood fun and picnic under the stars? With funky LED night kites, you can now bid goodbye to squinty eyes and scorching sun at Marina Barrage! Allow your dazzling kites to soar above the breezy night sky, with our iconic Singapore skyline serving as an unforgettable backdrop. If you plan your timing right, you can even enjoy the spectacular 9.30pm daily Light Show from across the bay!

Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951 (Google Maps


5. Art jamming at Arteastiq

Image of art jamming at arteastiq

Paint and artisanal tea, can a date night get any classier? Situated in Mandarin Gallery, Arteastiq is the perfect spot for a romantic date while flaunting your artsy side. Coupled with gastronomic fusion cuisines and on-demand alcoholic beverages, you can tantalise your taste buds while churning those creative juices. Take your pick from the unlimited free art supplies and get working on those free canvases. You don’t need to be a pro painter or produce a million dollar art piece. Simply enjoy your session laughing, painting away and admiring each other’s masterpiece!

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15, Mandarin Gallery, Mandarin Gallery, 238867 (Google Maps
Art Jam Sessions: Daily from 11am to 2pm, 2:30pm to 5:30pm, 6pm to 9pm 


6. Enjoy a meal in pitch darkness

Image of dining in the dark at NOX

Dining in complete darkness can be such an intimate and sensual experience. Ditch the usual posh, fine-dining over the cityscape idea and head over to NOX for a unique dining experience. Here, blind or visually impaired waiting staff will welcome you into their world for an evening over exquisite dishes prepared from the finest ingredients, complemented with an excellent selection of wine. Without sight, your other senses will heighten, and you will learn to experience the world differently. Notice that you will begin to listen to every note in your date’s voice, your food seem to taste more flavourful, and even the delicate clinking noise of cutlery sounds like music to your ears.

Address: 269 Beach Rd, Singapore 199546 (Google Maps
Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm to midnight 


7. Appreciate craft beers

Image of craft beer bar

Sip your way into your date’s heart by suggesting a craft beer appreciation date! If both of you are adventurous and boast a discerning taste for the frothy beverage, head over to some of the best craft breweries for a tasting session! Many of these bars offer smaller “half pours”, freshly dispense from taps so that you can sample a broad spectrum of beers. From ales, lagers, stouts to IPAs, no date night could be nothing more exhilarating than being surrounded by kegs and cartons of hoppy creations!

Recommended Bars 

1925 Microbrewery & Restaurant

Opening Hours: Mon to Sat: 10am to midnight, Sun: 10am to 10pm (Google Maps

Nickeldime Drafthouse

Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs: 11am to 11pm, Fri & Sat: 11am to 1am (Google Maps


8. Enjoy a serene treetop walk

Are you and your date morning people? If so, deck out in your favourite active wear and go for an early morning tree top walk! Nothing beats starting your day with some light exercises, while surrounded by the tranquil nature. Besides, the lush surroundings also serve as a picturesque backdrop for better communication without the noise from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. If you have some extra time to spare after the stroll, suggest refuelling with a delectable breakfast!


9. Sign up for a Pottery Class

Image of pottery class at mud rock ceramics

How does getting a little hands-on sound? If you and your date are game for a little mess, head down to Mud Rock Ceramics for some pottery making! Pull an apron over your head and get busy shaping up your very own pot. Here’s a romantic suggestion: after baking your masterpiece in the kiln, swap yours with your date’s pot for a keepsake. Remember to leave your fancy clothes at home, or bring an extra set in case you walk out of class covered in clay!

Address: 85 Maude Rd, 208357 (Google Maps
Upcoming events here 


10. Laugh to your hearts’ content at a stand-up comedy

Image of event during comedy masala

As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Instead of taking your date out on an oh-so-typical movie and dinner, tickle their funny bone by taking them to a stand-up comedy! Coupled with a good drink and scrumptious dinner, surrounding yourselves with laughter is an excellent, if not surest way to secure a second date!

Stand-Up Comedy in Singapore 

Comedy Masala

List of events are found in their Facebook Page (Google Maps

The Comedy Club Asia 

List of events and venues are found in their Facebook Page